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World No 1. Cocoa Powder

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Cocoa Flavanols

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Studies show Cocoa Flavanols supports cardiovascular health that builds the foundation of healthy life.

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Customer Story Cholesterol Reduced taking Cocoa Flavanols Plus

Customer Story Cholesterol Reduced taking Cocoa Flavanols Plus

◤Customer Testimonial 顾客见证◢ Mrs. Ow has been taking【Cocoa Flavanols Plus】for a year. After three months consumption, it has effectively helped controlled her bad cholesterol ! 💯 According to her latest health report, the bad cholesterol has dropped from 108 points to a healthy level of 83👏🏻 At present, Mrs. Ow felt healthier, and she hardly fall sick since her immune has also improved😍 She wishes to share this joy with everyone~❤️ ⭐COCOAX'TEND exclusively launches "Cocoa Flavanols Plus" flavanol cocoa powder, which retains the flavanols in cocoa beans with a special treatment 🏆 This is not ordinary cocoa powder, nor medicine. It's #nature's superfood, #natural #antioxidant By adding a teaspoon to any beverage such as warm water, coffee or soy milk, it is equivalent to drinking 🍇 2 kg grapes 🍎 17 XXL apples 🍵 2.5L green tea Drinking【Cocoa Flavanols Plus】cocoa powder daily helps restore elasticity of blood vessels, thus transporting more oxygen and nutrients to body cells that lays as foundation for a healthy body! 👍 Flavanol cocoa powder has high #antioxidant and #antiinflammatory effects 🤭 It helps ⬆️enhance immunity and ⬆️prevent diseases , a must-have superfood to fight virus! 💝Scientifically proven cocoa flavanols help: ✔️Improve elasticity of blood vessels & stimulate blood circulation ✔️Modulate blood pressure ✔️Improve insulin resistance for Diabetes ✔️Prevent Alzheimer's disease ✔️Improve concentration & memory ✔️Prevent skin aging ✔️Anti-inflammation improve immune 【COCOAX’TEND Cocoa Flavanols Plus】is the only 100% natural cocoa powder with 8 times higher Cocoa Flavanols content thanks to 7 years intensive research, with no sugar or additives.🤩 ✅ No sugar; no additives ✅8 times higher flavanols ✅Antioxidant effect ranked No.1️⃣ ✅Prevent organs from being oxidized that caused blood vessel blockage ✅Balance blood pressure & blood sugar ✅Enhance memory & concentration ✅Relieve mental stress ✅Contains extremely high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity ✅Enhance immunity and prevent diseases ✅Super low calorie, good companion for weight loss ✅ Reduce wrinkles ✅ Highly recommended by dietitian Many have tried and proven that 👇🏻 💪 A spoonful for breakfast provides energy for the day! 🛌🏾A spoonful at night helps sleep easier and more peacefully! Suitable for all ages (children over 5, adults, seniors) 🛒Buy from nearest ingredient shop / online More Testimonials : 【COCOAX'TEND】 Website: FB: IG: Recipe group: #cimeifood #foodingredient #distributor #flavanol #healthycocoapowder #lowerthreehigh #cocoamalaysia #cocoapowdersupplier #cocoajb #cocoawholesale #chocolate #healthchocolatedrink #malaysiabrand #purecocoa #cocoaflavanols
Low Fat Cocoa Cheese Ice Cream by Chef Eric

Low Fat Cocoa Cheese Ice Cream by Chef Eric

◤Recipe 食谱分享◢《COCOAX'TEND》Low Fat Cocoa Cheese Ice Cream by Chef Eric Using【COCOAX’TEND】LOW FAT cocoa powder ✅ Low fat (10-12%) ✅ Rich colour and premium taste ✅ Pure cocoa powder made from West African cacao beans ✅ Unsweetened, no sugar contained ✅ Suitable in various applications such as mousse cakes, bakery goods, cookies, sauce, syrups, cake, brownies, chocolate, beverages. ✅ Halal, Vegan, Dairy free, Lactose Free & Allergen free. COCOAX'TEND LOW FAT cocoa powder (Formerly Benscacao) 🛒Buy from nearest ingredient shop / COCOAX'TEND store ========================================================== ◤RECIPE◢ Cream Cheese 120 gm Condensed Milk 200 gm COCOAX'TEND LOW FAT Cocoa Powder 30 gm COCOAX’TEND Cocoa Flavanols Plus (optional) 2 tsp Whipped Cream 300 gm Crushed Hazelnut or Almond 50 gm Strawberries OREGON SWISS Chocolate Syrup *No baking required Preparation: Leave the cream cheese in mixing bowl to soften about 20-30 minutes. Add condensed milk, use a whisk to mix till cheese is blended well about 5 minutes. Add COCOAX'TEND Low Fat Cocoa Powder and COCOA’TEND Flavanols Plus. Mix with a whisk. Add whipped cream and mix; caution not to over-whip. Freeze for at least 4-5 hours. Roll COCOAX'TEND Cocoa Cheese Ice-cream into ball and place in cup. Garnish with chocolate sauce, crushed nuts, and strawberries. ***Recipe by Chef Eric, CIMEI*** 【COCOAX'TEND】 Website: FB: IG: #cimeifood #foodingredient #distributor #foodservice
EBONY Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin by Chef Eric

EBONY Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin by Chef Eric

◤Recipe 食谱分享◢《COCOAX'TEND》EBONY Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin by Chef Eric Using【COCOAX’TEND】EBONY cocoa powder ⬛ The Blackest Black Cocoa Powder in The World 🍫 Intense black colour with strong roasted cocoa flavour with slight bitter after-taste 🏋️‍♀️ Low fat, suitable for all kinds of bakery products ​🤤 Specialty Cocoa powder made from West African Cacao Beans 👨‍🍳 Suitable for various applications such as mousse cakes, bakery goods, cookies, sauce, syrups, cake, brownies, chocolate, beverages. 🌱Halal, Vegan, Dairy free, Lactose Free & Allergen free. COCOAX'TEND EBONY cocoa powder (formerly BENSCACAO) 🛒Buy from nearest ingredient shop / COCOAX'TEND store ========================================================== EBONY is Cocoa Horizons Certified. Please contact Sales Rep for registration to use Cocoa Horizon Marketing Materials if your recipe contains 80% EBONY. The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation established to improve the lives of cocoa farmers. With every bag of EBONY purchased, a portion goes towards funding the implementation of the productivity and community development activities of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. Make your creations stand out with EBONY! ◤RECIPE◢ Ingredients: TEGRAL Satin Crème Cake Mix (TSCC) 450 g Eggs 200 g Oil 200 g Water 100 g COCOAX'TEND EBONY Cocoa Powder 50 g Topping: Whipping Cream 300 g TULIP Hazel Delight Cream 200 g Chocolate Chip VC2 Small Amount Strawberry Slices Small Amount Preparation for Chocolate Cream: Whisk the whipping cream until it form a soft peak. Add a small portion of whipped cream onto TULIP Hazel Delight cream and slowly fold in. After it is well mixed, pour the portion to the balance whipped cream and gently fold in until it is well mix. Once it ready, set aside for later used. Preparation for Muffin: Add Eggs, Oil, Water and TSCC mix in a mixing bowl. Sieve in the COCOAX'TEND EBONY Cocoa Powder on to the mixing bowl. Mix using medium speed until it is all well mixed. Fold in and scrap all into a piping bag to pipe it into a muffin mold about 70%-80%. Sprinkles the Chocolate Chip on top of the Muffin. Bake 175˚C ~ 180˚C for 15-20 mins. Baking temperature and time may vary on different oven type. Cool to room temperature. Pipe the Hazel Cream on the top of the Muffin and garnish with Strawberry slice. ***Recipe by Chef Eric, CIMEI*** 【COCOAX'TEND】 Website: FB: IG: Recipe group: #cimeifood #foodingredient #distributor #foodservice