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Almond Whole Shell

Almond Strip

Almond Ground

Almond Flake

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Florentine Mix

Optima - Chocolate

Optima - Vanilla

Biscuit Mix - Vanilla

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Baking Powder (Pearl River) (40 Lbs)

Baking Powder (Pearl River) (1 Lbs)

Baking Powder (Pearl River) (8 Lbs)


Bread Crumbs - White

Bread Crumbs - Orange


Honey Star

Koko Crunch

Rice Crispy Natural

Rice Crispy Chocolate

Twist Ties Bag Closures

U-clip Bag Closures (Industrial)

U-clip Bag Closures

Bag Closures (Industrial)

CocoaXtend Plus

Macadams Cocoa Flavanols

Benscacao Cocoa Powder

Benscacao Cocoa Powder (Hi-Fat)

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Colour Rice

Colour Ball (1000 & 100) (Original)

Colour Strand - Red/ Pink/ White

Assorted Colour Strand

Tuitti Fruitti Red

Tuitti Fruitti Green

Marachinos Cherry Red

Marachinos Cherry Green

Color Powder - Brilliant Blue

Color Powder - Tartrazine

Color Powder - Sunset Yellow

Color Powder - Ponceau 4R

Other Flavor Syrups

BensChoco Chocoalate Syrup


Instant Yeast (White Rose)


Matcha Powder


Pecan Nuts

Macadamia Nuts

Pine Nuts

Cashew Nut Split

Prochiz Slices Original

Prochiz Cheddar


Ladyfruit Classic

Hotfil Fruit Fillings

Fruit Filling Topping

Custard Cream Filling

Black Raisin (Jumbo)

Golden Raisin (Jumbo)

Raisin - Black


GB Butter Oil Substitute

GB Flake Pastry Margarine


Tulip Couverture Dark Chocolate

Tulip Chocolate Chips

Dark Chocolate Filling

Strawberry Chocolate Compound

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